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FitFlex’s Top skilled trainers will get you in shape. Reach the perfect fit with the outfit you’ve always wanted.

FitFlex’s Top skilled trainers will get you in shape. Reach the perfect fit with the outfit you’ve always wanted



K’HABODACIOUS moves classes focus on Dance Fitness as a healthy lifestyle


A high protein diet is certainly good for gym fitness. Make more effort to get fit by exercise


The insane heat in the Bikram Yoga session with the 26 postures discipline me to find peace

About Yoga

The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Other physical benefits of yogainclude: Increased #flexibility. Increased muscle strength and tone.

Khabodacious Brand

The Kha’bodacious Group of companies consists of a multitude of subsidiaries that represent the essence of what we stand for ‘Movement’! Conceptualised from a realization that movement is the backbone of a nation and when used in a positive light and nature it can produce a diverse nation of healthy active people. The Kha’bodacious group has 3 divisions in its group and each house individual subsidiaries, the three divisions being, Kha’bodacious Moves, Kha’bodacious Media and Kha’bodacious Inspired. Please take some time to explore the detailed synopsis below for any prospective client, investment opportunity or partnership.


Khabodacious Mission

We believe that all of us are unique and capable of influencing change in the world, nothing is impossible through faith, self-confidence and movement. We believe that you are everything you need and thrive to teach that Self-Belief in your ability to move is the key to unlocking all your dreams!


achieving your goals

  • To train exceptional students and ordinary people as professional dancers by offering various dance training courses of the utmost quality
  • To uphold a specialised aptitude of extraordinary teachers, musicians, and guest artists
  • To provide students with tuition assistance, federal financial aid, physical therapy and a range of student services including artistic advisement, housing assistance and professional counselling for nutrition and psychological well-being
  • To offer a wide range of dance classes for the dance enthusiast
  • Accreditation and Credentials
boston award

Khabodacious Health

Kha’bodacious Health & Fitness is a passionate wellness business that focuses on providing Health & Fitness services with an all-out fitness fulfilment regime that ensures a tailored made training program for each of our clients that leaves them feeling centred, fulfilled and powerful.

Indoor & outdoor

Khabo is well known and energetic motivational speaker she is an aspiring educator, aspirant author, community contributor, television actor, dancer, choreographer, master of ceremony facilitator and a leading health & fitness guru, who is making great strides to becoming a great inspirational and motivational speaker.

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Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee.


/Group of 8 Members

R180 each per 1 hour 20 minutes session


/Group of 8 Members Plus

R180 each per 1 hour 20 minutes session



R300 each per 1 hour 20 minutes session