Khabo_Yoga Tour

The Khabo_Yoga Tour



  • March 27 - 4 Hong kong
  • April 26 - 29 Botswana
  • June 21 - 28 Zanzibar
  • July 18 - 26 South Africa

The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, arthritis, headaches and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Other physical benefits of yoga include: Increased flexibility. Increased muscle strength and tone.

When and why did you start Khabo Yoga?

I have been a #Yogi for over 10 years ! I Love the power and art of yoga and the impact it has made in my life ! Now it’s time I make an impact on this practice. As an African Award winning Dancer , Choreographer and performer , I felt the need to add some AFROTUDE TO MY YOGA SESSIONS. 

Then , KHABO_YOGA was born , where the body ripple and drum beat accompany every Asana in that Yoga Session ! 

I’m starting this incredible KHABO_YOGA journey with a dash of AFRITUDE in HONG KONG in #March 2018 for the Nelson Mandela Centenary! 

This will be the first ever #YogathonForMadiba !!! 

In Hong Kong I’ll be working with Yoga Raj who holds the Guinness world record for most amazing mind blowing yoga stunts. So he must have obviously seen my yoga work , was impressed and decided it would be great to join heads “upside down” lol 😂 and run this first ever Yogathon for Madiba in Hong Kong! 

The South African consulate in HK is already part of this incredible initiative! 

Tell us about Botswana: 

Botswana has always been one the countries I’ve wanted to run my sessions in , I visited once a few years ago and fell in love with the culture and energy! I have finally linked up with other fitness instructors/ fundis and we will be running a fun Health Fitness Africa session consisting of traditional dance , modern styles, dance to fitness and yoga fitness sessions for the community especially youngsters (end #April)and I’ll be introducing KhaboYoga to the fit family ! It will be a fun fitness party with healthy food talks , curbing diabetes, high blood pressure, most lifestyle illnesses ! The music will be dished out by popular Local Dj’s ... I cant wait! 

The KHABO YOGA retreat in Zanzibar : 

In #June I’ll be running another Dance To Yoga Fun retreat in Zanzibar, this will be for families , couples who want to escape the Mzansi cold and get fit and healthy with me on a private resort ! This will be one of a kind , booking info will be available on my page closer to the time ! 

The July #KhaboYoga in South Africa for Madiba Centenary: 

#July is our beloved Madibas birthday month and I will be running KhaboYoga sessions in schools for two basic reasons , Tata believed in education and in being healthy ... amongst other things of course , I’m Just choosing these trips to highlight the importance of being healthy as it keeps you focused and improves your health , hand eye coordination especially for kids ! This is my most NB project for 2018 as we engulf ourselves in the Centenary of The Madiba Magic !

Final thoughts about our Health in our new era as a country in this young democracy : 

Our new president is already keeping fit and healthy ... embarking on morning runs , making it fun ! I suggest Mzansi joins in ! Let’s lessen the chances of us getting these silly yet avoidable lifestyle illnesses! Deal?!