Killing yourself when you #workout via #Beastmode feels amazing; it’s always so satisfying for me finishing a workout drenched in sweat. But while I Love seeing the (damp) evidence of all my hard work, I don’t always love the smell….now scientists have identified the culprit for making our stink, a bacteria called Staphylococcus hominis. (Aha ! Gotcha)

Khabodacious Moves trees

Contrary to popular belief, sweat itself doesn’t have a smell. That post-workout stench doesn’t happen until the sweat gets digested by #bacteria that live on our skin, particularly in our pits. When the bacteria break down the sweat molecules they release an odor that some researchers describe as sulfurous, onion-y, or even meaty. (Not yummy.)
LOL !!! 

In my case … #Shield has come to my rescue with their #ShieldGermDefence ! 

I tested this theory out this morning! 

Yoga falling is still work

I woke up at 6 AM , had my #Yoga session …. then at 7: 30 AM , while my body was getting itself ready for the day , I ROLLED ON on my #ShieldGermDefence & went to a #SpinningClass and Worked up a sweat !! Then , at 9 AM … all drenched in sweat yet I was smelling like a Queen ! I kid you not … there was no #Khwaphido over here ! I felt good! 

Now 10 am ! I hit the shower spray on my Shield armor & get myself ready to go to set & become #NinaZamdela who won’t stink up the lovely #Isidingo cast ! LOL. 

Coz I’m not that girl ! #DontBeThatGirl !!! 

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