Man Vs. Woman – Fitness
Yes we don’t disagree that men are generally physically stronger than women ! 

But … who is fitter ? 

This is a question that many people ponder? Who is the fitter of the two sexes? Is it women or men? 

So , Zachary wrote this article for #SunSigns.Org … I say , let’s assess this contentious debate by taking each aspect of fitness.

The 10 Aspects Of Fitness : 

#1. Flexibility

Flexibility in women

When it comes to this aspect of fitness, women are more flexible and fit in this way than men. This is because women generally have less muscle mass than men.
#2. Muscle

While boys develop later than girls, when they hit puberty they more than make up for it. This is because they experience a major build-up of muscle tissue. This gives them an overall headway in the fitness race.
#3. Weightlifting

Many men push themselves to lift extreme weights. This extends their fitness more than women who generally do not grunt and push themselves (perhaps unsafely!) way beyond their weight lift limit in gyms.
#4. Testosterone

This is generally present in higher levels in men. This hormone assists greatly in building muscle tissue. The length and width of muscle fibres increase much more in young men than in women during the final growth stages.

In addition, the presence of Testosterone increases the Hemoglobin levels in red blood cells. This increases the uptake of oxygen transported around the body. This increases fitness of men over women.
#5. Estrogen

In addition to women having lower levels of Testosterone, they also have the hormone Estrogen. This increases their natural body fat. This in turn makes them less fit. This means they have to work harder at exercising to become as fit as their male counterpart.
#6.  High Protein Diets

A lean plate not designed for a man

Men are not as health-conscious as women. This ironically gives them an advantage in that all those hamburgers, chicken wings and pizzas can be burned off in the gym. A high protein diet is certainly good for gym fitness. Women miss out when they are busy watching protein, salt and fatty food intake. Men in general simply are not as bothered about all of this. WE KNOW ! 
#7. Lungs
Men have a higher lung capacity and therefore can hold more oxygen when exercising. These increases their efficiency and overall fitness levels.
#8. Intense Workouts

Related to the Weightlifting that men do, the intense workout leads to more sweat which in turn means more burn off of fat during exercise. This too results in men being fitter.
#9. Marital Status

New scientific studies indicate that both single men and divorced men are fitter than many women. This is because for single men they are trying to attract a mate. However for divorced men or separated men they are back in the singles scene again trying to attract a mate, often younger than them.

Both groups make more effort to get fit by exercise than married women who tend to let themselves go once married. Meanwhile divorced or separated women appear to get fatter and less fit.
#10. Key issue 

One of the key things that have not been discussed in the above points is that women are biologically designed to bear children. This means they are in fact stronger than men potentially but not as fit.

Also their daily activities as mothers are very different from the father’s. Many modern men still have more time to exercise and keep fit in the gym or elsewhere than modern women.

At the end of the day biology and habits seem to give men the overall thumbs up in being fitter than women. Thus it seems that nature has imbued men with an unfair advantage when it comes to the fitness stakes.
Yeah well … why compete ! 

You men know deep down who’s boss !!! 

Who’s the boss ?

Love this article by – Zachary 

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