Getting fit with Kha’

Dance To Fitness with Kha’ What a fantastic #DanceToFitnessIndabaBreakfast We experienced in August in Johannesburg, South Africa. St. Andrews Hotel was the place and beautiful was the day ! It was so good , we want to share it with you and do even better by bringing this health & fitness Indaba movement to YOU !

Live interview with Weekend Wake Up We started pretty early and the turn out this year was beyond fantastic! Thank you ladies for the Love and energy ! Thank you to the ETV news channel’s breakfast show WEEKEND WAKE UP for brilliant coverage.

Women in Focus DTFIB Mam Siphiwe Vilakazi a food missionary kicked things off focusing on debunking health myths , some true facts about sugar and Emotional intelligence. What was most exciting was the Q&A we had with the guests ! Just incredibly informative!

My lovely Sheila made a surprise appearance

We took non stop pics DTFIB Pastor Thabisho Salome dealt with Sugar , Caffeine & milk ! Did you know that sugar & Milk mixed together turns into alcohol in your system! Do some research, it’s mind blowing. The good pastor also touched on kids health . I personally enjoyed the healthy banter between the two pastors Mam Siphiwe Vilakazi & Pastor Salome plus our invited guests chiming in here & there … It was brilliantly fun!


It’s amazing how young the age 40 and even 50 starts looking when you allow yourself to age naturally ! What I mean is that we are aging ourselves UNNATURALLY by our bad habits , choice of food , behavior such as not getting enough sleep & negative uninspiring thoughts !


If we CHANGE this … we will start looking and feeling better about our selves & ofcourse age better !

Heat served at St. Andrews Hotel Speaking of Aging better , The Laser Beautique was present and the ladies enjoyed a talk by Gerdi about skin issues . What causes dry skin , can I remove my  “instumpa”(a mole) ?! Lol ! She also talked about my favorite “Cinderella Facial” , how it stimulates your skins elasticity and it’s benefits ! This is what makes the Laser Beautique the best Non-Surgical Aesthetic professionals !

Gerdi of  THE LASER BEAUTIQUE addressing the ladies about the  Cinderella Facial

With Lien Vanneste Veggie Foodie Queen Lien Vanneste of “Veggie Foodie” gave us an interesting way to look at veggies ! She’s one lady that makes a total Veggie meal LOOK and TASTE like a gourmet meal ! She gave us a sample of her menu and the Benefits of a Veggie filled diet!


KIT KAT SURPRISE KIT KAT chocolate came to the party! What I Love about this brand is that they understood and supported our #SugarFreeAugust campaign and said the guests can only indulge in their Nestle KIT KAT Surprise on the 01 st of Sept … and boy did we INDULGE on that glorious sweet Spring Day ! We love you KIT KAT and THANK YOU !!

Breakfast is served DTFIB Just starring at the table made us all so hungry and our awesome St Andrews Chef Blessed was ready just in time for us to chow down ! The menu included hot and cold meals , fruits , salad , freshly beaked bran muffins and so much more !

As always … there is NO Dance to Fitness Indaba without the DANCE TO FITNESS session by Khabodacious & Dj BjZee was dishing out only the best in local and international music ! There was Yoga in the mix & the ladies enjoyed experiencing their bodies through yoga!!

Ladies beautifully focused and ready for #Frog ! Yoga at the DTFIB

A headstand demo by Kha’ ! Yoga at the DTFIB!

We killed the bow pose ! Namaste

Thank you to :

Portia Qubeka my business partner and mother who makes sure all is in order for such big things to happen!

We run a small tight ship , but it’s moving and changing lives !

Mam Siphiwe Vilakazi for being the health pillar you are to me ! I call her my health encyclopedia!

Pastor Thabisho Salome for your dedication to helping the youth better their lives !

Lien Vanneste for being such a brilliant Veggie loving community leader ! We need you !

St. Andrews for the most amazing refreshing venue and the sweetest Chef in Chef Blessing !

Dj BjZee for always giving my health and fitness movement a soundtrack !

Thabo Afithlile for capturing all these moments!

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