What an honor it was to be in Hong Kong to start off my #KhaboYoga tour featuring my Yoga Icon YogaRaj.

My true excitement was the fact that I was finally Sharing my contribution to the Yoga industry! Why ? Well because The Art of Yoga has contributed so much to my life , I feel the need to make an impact in the Yoga world too. This year , I introduced #KhaboYoga AFRO YOGA !

Don’t be nervous my fellow yogis , all I’m doing is collaborating our traditional Yoga basics with My African dance choreography fusion !

We had sleepless nights planning this iconic #Mandela100Yogathon , for the Mandela Centenary and it was a great success! Our Madiba left us with a legacy of values , such as forgiveness, selflessness, love and peace . He too practiced some meditation while in prison on Robben Island , so Tata basically lived these values , believed in them , hence myself and the yoga community truly appreciate him !

I’d like to thank Master Vusi promotions for making sure this event runs smoothly.

Having our very own Mr Leon Naidoo , Consul Political/Economic South African Consulate-General: Hong Kong SAR/ Macao SAR,PRC was a blessing , along with Mrs Olga Kruger

Chairperson of South African Association of Hong Kong.

Honorable India in China (Consulate General of India, Hong Kong) – Mr. Narayan Singh Narayan Singh Head of Chancery Indian Consulate of Hong Kong Mr. Daveneder Singh were also present at this amazing session.

Another Special thanks to Brand South Africa for showing homage , The South African Consulate-General, HKSAR / MSAR, PRC, Wilson Lam- The City University of Hong Kong.

I want to take this special moment to thank the City University of Hong Kong for honoring my contribution to the yoga fraternity with my innovative #AfroYoga concept ! Thank you Mr Wilson Lam and YogaRaj for this appreciation and recognition and giving me this award – “award of the highest honour of a professional creative for the world from the director of City University in Hong Kong.”

Thank you to the The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel 柏寧酒店 for providing a beautiful space to work in and Sam Arunachalam for the Production Support.

I give a special thanks to All the Participants and Yoga teachers who allowed me to lead them in the #AfroYoga session , they truly made this event successful.

As the Honorable Prime Minister Modi Ji said: “Yoga is the art of

oneness, a journey from Aham to Vayam, from me to we.”

WARNING: Yoga is known to cause extreme happiness! Gautama Budda said it best : “ There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path.” The next leg of the tour is in Botswana! I can’t wait to share the next experience with you !

Next tour movements :

Botswana – April

Tanzania (Zanzibar) – June

South Africa – July

Swaziland / Malawi – August (still in discussions)

Love & Light

Khabodacious Moves


#KhaboYoga #AfroYoga #khaboyogainhongkong

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