About a year and a bit ago , my body had a very tough conversation with me about it not wanting/ needling #CowsMilk anymore! It was a night of physical awakening, I listened to my body and my life took yet another interesting turn as I continue this journey of self discovery in the personal health and fitness sphere!

If you are still drinking #CowsMilk and feel … “there’s nothing is wrong with me mos !” , I ask – really, are you sure ? Have you listened to your body clearly?

I need to share this with PETA info you !

Animal milk has long been claimed as the go-to source of calcium by the dairy industry, but as it turns out, milk is bad for you. Calcium from animal milk is not absorbed as well as that from plant-based sources, and it can be accompanied by a number of dangerous health problems.

1. Broken bones

In a Swedish medical study, they have found that women who consumed large quantities of dairy milk daily were more likely to sustain fractures than those who drank little to no milk.

2. Prostate cancer

Some evidence suggests that the consumption of milk and other dairy products leads to an increased risk of prostate cancer. Conversely, dairy-free diets have been followed to slow the progress of prostate cancer.

3. Lactose intolerance

Cow’s milk contains a sugar called lactose that can be difficult for people to digest, resulting in symptoms such as nausea, cramps, gas, bloating, and diarrhea. It can also develop later in life and result in months of worsening symptoms.

4. Acne

In multiple studies, the consumption of all types of cow’s milk was linked to an increased prevalence and severity of acne in both boys and girls.

These health factors, combined with the environmentally damaging nature of large-scale milk production, make it clear that milk is bad for you. If you think it’s time to ditch dairy products, try going vegan for 30 days, and check out these healthier, more absorbable vegan sources of calcium!

See you here next week for #Part2 as we continue with the DANGERS OF MILK accompanied by :

⁃ Cholesterol

⁃ Ovarian cancer

⁃ Saturated fat

⁃ Weight gain


Info by @Peta.org

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