By now, you’ve probably heard that eating meat is bad for you. The World Health Organization made headlines in 2015 when it declared processed meat a “carcinogen” that increases your risk of colon or rectum cancer by 18 percent. But it’s not just processed meat that poses a health risk — science has known for a while that eating all kinds of animals, including “white meat,” is bad for you. Like, really bad.

I myself had a vague idea that eating too much meat wasn’t great for my health, but since I used to only eat “a little” meat, and sometimes “organic” at that, I sort of thought of myself as exempt. Well, not so much. While cutting back on your meat consumption in any form is a great step to take, the fact remains that eating any meat — hormone-free or not — poses several serious long-term risks to your health. It’s worth knowing exactly what the health risks of eating meat are, so that you can make an informed decision for yourself about how much of a risk you feel it’s necessary to take by continuing to consume animals.


1. It Signifigantly Increases Your Risk Of Cancer – :

studies from top universities and independent researchers has found that eating chickens, cows, and other animals promotes cancer in many forms.

2. It Increases Your Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes – :

This is the reason Bill Clinton went vegan. Meat, dairy products, and eggs all contain cholesterol and saturated fat and contribute to the worlds high levels of heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and various types of cancer.

3. Eating Meat Makes It Harder To Maintain A Healthy Body Weight – :

if you are looking to maintain a lower BMI for your health, it is worth knowing that meat-eaters are three times more likely to be obese than vegetarians, and nine times more likely than vegans.

4. Meat Carries The Highest Risk Of Foodborne Illness – :

Eating meat puts you at a greater risk for food poisoning because animal products are often tainted with fecal contamination during slaughter or processing. Fecal contamination in chicken, especially, is a major problem.

5. It Might Contribute To Erectile Dysfunction In Men – :

Meat, eggs, and dairy products slow the flow of blood to all the body’s organs — and not just the heart. According to the Erectile Dysfunction Institute, up to 90 percent of all cases of impotence are actually physical as opposed to psychological, meaning the high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, prostate cancer or inflammations, and hormonal imbalances that eating meat causes might also contribute to impotence.

6. Most Meat Has Hormones In It – :

To make cows grow at an unnaturally fast rate, the cattle industry feeds them pellets full of hormones. While low levels of naturally-occurring hormones are found in various foods, many scientists are concerned that the artificial hormones injected into cows especially cause health problems in people who eat them.

7. It May Make You Resistant To Antibiotics – : Factory farms are breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant bacteria, known as “supergerms.” On farms across America, the antibiotics that we depend on to treat human illnesses are now used to promote growth in animals and to keep them alive in horrific living conditions that would otherwise kill them.

The bottom line? One of the best things you can do for your health is to either eat less meat, or cut it out altogether. Instead of contributing to the destruction of your body, the environment, and animals’ lives, you’ll be on the side of health, sustainability, and respect for all living beings.


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