Nina The Actress

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With leading roles on big shows such as Muvhango , The Lab , The Wild , The Table, Rhythm City , Mthunzini dot com , For Sale and International recognized film Dora’s Peace, its clear why Khabonina is a SAFTA and Naledi Award nominated actress and Indie Spirit Award 2017 Best Actress.
Khabonina Qubeka

Khabonina The Actress

Her first TV role was as the controversial Doobsie on Sabc2’s Muvhango and she then moved on to portraying the underground mining boss Faith Diliza on Sabc3’s The Lab, a real estate agent with a secret on Sabc3’s For Sale, A sly Magazine editor Kefilwe on Sabc2’s The Mating Game, an inspiring cancer surviving Boxer on Sabc2′ Efsonders , A murder suspect on Sabc1’s Mthunzini dot com, The player Miss Qobu on Etv’s Rhthm City and the devious Maxine on Mnet’s The Wild. The Table was a very successful theatre production where Khabonina played Amoneo, a girl that had been adopted into a Jewish family, who becomes a catalyst as the story unravels at the dinner table, Produced by Slylvaine Strike co written by Sylvia and the cast.


With leading roles on big shows such as Muvhango, The Lab, The Wild, The Table, Rhythm City, Mthunzini dot com and For Sale. It is very clear why Khabonina is a SAFTA and Naledi Award nominated actress.

Khabonina start getting known for her roles below:

  • Doobsie – Muvhango – SABC 2
  • Faith Diliza – The Lab – SABC 3
  • A real estate agent – For Sale – SABC 3
  • Kefilwe – The Mating Game – SABC 2
  • A inspiring cancer surviving Boxer – Efsonders – SABC 2
  • A murder suspect – Mthunzini dot com – SABC 1’s
  • Miss Qobu – Rhythm City ETV
  • Maxine – The Wild – Mnet


“Khabonina recently won a BEST ACTRESS AWARD IN AMERICA!
She says : ” Winning the INDIE SPIRIT BEST ACTRESS AWARD at the BOSTON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL was such a huge honor! I love the fact that I won based solely on my performance! The festival knows nothing about the artist but what they see presented to them , in this case it was my portrayal of Dora! I appreciate the fact that they looked at and observed the technical decisions I made in becoming her ! It was a challenge at times to find vulnerability & hardness / fierceness if I may … in one moment ! I’m glad I battled till I found it in me ! Finding “Dora” in me was hard at first because I judged her , I judged another woman for a decision she made “how dare you choose to become a Sex Worker?” – I yelled ! But that prohibited me from going inside her & I was stuck … I couldn’t find her … I couldn’t find Dora in me until I STOPPED JUDGING HER ! I decided to SEE HER , OPEN UP TO HER , HEAR HER … & she allowed me to walk with her … and eventually… become her . I had found “Dora” in me . What an honor!

Dora's peace

Dora, a Hillbrow prostitute shields a gifted young boy from the violent clutches of organized crime. In the process she may discover aspects of her own lost humanity.

Shot in Hillbrow, it is as much a portrait of life on the colourful Joburg suburb streets as it is of the main character who gives the film its name, Dora (Khabonina Qubeka).The screeching taxis, the hustling vendors, the high-rise apartment blocks filled with nervous refugees, you can practically smell the weird combo of hair relaxer, uncollected garbage and braai meat that permeates the Hillbrow streets.
Khabonina Qubeka
Doras Peace

New Project

Will she be able to keep up with her more seasoned fellow performers, avoid the jealous machinations of the aging leading lady and survive the punishing rehearsal schedule to make it to opening night and shine like the star she is? “She is King” is a joyous celebration of Zulu culture in a glossy contemporary setting, showing off Joburg as the “Broadway of Africa”.

She Is King

Khabonina portrays “uMkabayi” , Powerful Royalty , in a hot new Musical titled “SHE IS KING” !!
A talented young woman from a rural village travels to the “Big City” of Johannesburg, South Africa to become a Star. She lands a role in a musical play about Zulu Queen Mkabayi, Shaka’s Aunt and searches for her identity as a Performer, a Zulu, a Woman and a Daughter.

2017 Best Actress

Khabonina Qubeka wins Indie Spirit Best Actress Award at the Boston International Film Festival 2017

Khabonina Qubeka

It has been an incredible year for Khabonina Qubeka ! After winning the Spirit Indie Award for Best Actress at the INTERNATIONAL BOSTON FILM AWARDS she was further nominated for an AMAA Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress. This nomination was a huge honour as she was nominated along with High Calibre Actresses like Lupita Nyongo in the same category. Earlier in the year , she enjoyed a Rapid Lion nomination for Best Actress . The best thing about this Award was that it gave her international recognition & introduced her to amazing actresses from countries like India , Russia , Brazil … “what more could I ask for?.